We’re More Than An Insurance Policy

We provide expert guidance and affordable, effective strategies for managing risk, reducing costs and enhancing the overall well-being of our clients, their employees and/or families.

Our Core Values

Our core values personify what we stand for and embody our work and culture.


We exist to help you prepare for the future with the best insurance coverage that is most appropriate for all of your personal and business needs.


We “provide everything under the sun” is part of our defining message, as our goal is offer you a one-stop trusted solution for all of your insurance and financial needs.


“Having your best interest at heart,” completes our defining message and demonstrates our strong desire to assure you and your loved ones are protected against unexpected situations.


Our clients are like family. We listen closely to understand your needs, and then we work hard to educate and guide you in selecting the best strategies and solutions to help achieve your goals.


To us, our clients are like family. We work hard, listen closely to understand your needs, and respond quickly, (because we value your time just as much as we value our own) with the best options for a customized and comprehensive solution. But rather than our telling you, let’s give some of our clients the opportunity to tell their own stories.

Thorough, Responsive and Quick Service Getting Us Our Employee Insurance

“Southerland & Associates is proactive in what they do. The service they give is thorough and responsive and quick. It was a big step for a smaller company like ours to offer our employees insurance. We took on a key-person life insurance policy, too. Cynthia and her team laid out all the options and relayed the information to us so that we understood what we were getting and the ramifications of our choices. Southerland & Associates was able to take all the confusing math that is insurance and translate it to information we could understand.”

MARK WORD, CEO & PRESIDENT, Mark Word Design (Austin, Texas)

I’ve Relied on Southerland & Associates Skill, Expertise, and Vision for 27 Years

“Cynthia made the effort to understand my business, which is a pretty abstract category for anyone to understand. She educated me on what the process was and I educated her on what our needs were. We’ve worked together quite well for over 27 years. Because I have relegated the professional side of this portion of my business to Cynthia for that long period of time, she’s seen us go through many changes in clients, in trends, in personnel. I’ve relied on her skill, expertise, and vision to direct me where I needed to go.”

STEPHEN STEFANOU, CEO, SCS Designs, Inc. (Dallas, Texas)

Saved Us Money and Lots of Time, I Completely Trust Them

“With insurance, there is so much to know and so much changing all the time – all the legalese – it’s really hard to keep up with it if that is not your primary job. When Southerland & Associates offered to work with the insurance companies and put all the information in black and white for us, it was a no-brainer. I am able to give more of my time to the employees here and to the animals we are able to help.
They have saved us money, and they’ve saved me lots of time. On a yearly basis, they go through and ensure we are still getting the best prices and best plans for not only the business, but for the employees as well. I completely trust them; they have shown me everything in writing.
For them to be able to take this enormous burden off my shoulders is a blessing. I feel good about providing the right insurance to the staff, and I feel good about having the right coverage for the hospital.”

Over the Last 26 Years, I’ve Recommended Southerland & Associates Many Times

“I’ve owned several businesses over the 26 years we’ve worked with Cynthia, and she’s always helped. I just call and say I’ve got a new business, and she gets me fixed up! Whenever I ask for a quote, she pulls three or four comparison quotes together so we can see what we’re looking at, and she makes a thorough recommendation of what she thinks would be good for us — within our budget and so on. I’ve recommended Southerland & Associates many times.”

DAVE RICHARDSON, CEO, Skivvies (Dallas, TX)

It’s Been a Real Privilege to Work with Southerland & Associates. They Have Real Integrity. I Trust Them.

“My business, Architerra, is an artisan-based design business. Cynthia and her team hold your hand, crunch the numbers – do everything for you. It’s been a real privilege to work with Cynthia. I have a lot of trust in her. She personally has a great deal of integrity, and it’s reflected in her business. She has a real interest in her clients’ success. My business model and how I relate to my team dovetails really well with Cynthia’s motto of “prepare, provide, and protect.” Cynthia has done a tremendous job of helping me provide for my team, and we have excellent insurance for my employees and my partners.”

Honest and Knowledgeable

“Insurance is one of those things I am not all that knowledgeable about. It’s a necessary evil, in my opinion. With Cynthia, though, insurance is a more pleasant thing to deal with. She explains it so I understand it and gives me confidence that I’m buying the right thing. She always seems to go just one more step to find the best deal for the coverage that does the exact job I need it to do. Cynthia is honest in telling me what I do and don’t need. She doesn’t try to sell me something that doesn’t really work for my family and me, or for my employees. I’ve been very pleased with Southerland & Associates.

If Cynthia can’t help me, she refers me to someone who can. I really respect that. It’s how I conduct my business, and I appreciate it when someone else does that.”

NANCY SPENCER, CEO, Reading Friends (Ft Worth, TX)

Warm, Caring and Professional

“Cynthia is the reason I started doing business with Southerland & Associates. She is so warm and caring – so professional – and her business is so important to her. She is very knowledgeable about the insurance industry. You can tell she’s been involved in it for years and years. She’s able to offer a wide range of products, a lot of wonderful services. She has a lot of knowledge to share with people.”


Reliable, Hard Working and Trustworthy

“Cynthia has helped us grow from a small business to a larger business. She’s very reliable and smart. She’s always been someone we could confide in to help us pick the right benefits package, commercial insurance, workers’ comp, and any other insurance or service that we may need. Southerland & Associates is trustworthy. I would definitely recommend them. They always make sure I have all the adequate requirements for running the business, so I don’t have to worry about that. They work hard to earn your business – and to keep it.”

They’ll Take Good Care of You

“I was a new business owner with a steep learning curve when I started working with Southerland & Associates. Cynthia’s commitment to go the extra mile won me over. She was clearly committed to providing excellent service – she went above and beyond to take care of us.

I was grateful that Cynthia was willing to come in and speak with our staff. She was well prepared; it was clear she had done her homework. She presented a good selection of viable options for me to choose from – options for protecting my interests while providing for employees. If I were recommending Southerland & Associates to another business owner, I’d say, “They’ll take good care of you.””

REBECCA KERN-STEINER PT, BUSINESS OWNER , New Dimensions Physical Therapy (Austin, TX)


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