Strategies for Protecting Your Financial Well-Being

Southerland & Associates has over thirty years of experience in the insurance and financial industry to draw on when helping you  protect and plan your financial future. We know there are literally thousands of investment and insurance options out there. Our goal is to become a trusted advisor in simplifying and helping you find the best solutions that fit your unique needs, helping you to reach your all of financial goals and dreams. We have a strong network of attorneys, financial planners, CPA’s, senior planning professionals, and various other expert consultants who are uniquely qualified to help you:

  • Meet your short term needs – monthly obligations, emergency expenses, etc

  • Meet long term goals – saving for retirement

  • Major purchases – buying home, paying for college, wedding

  • Prepare for the unexpected

  • And so much more

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Retirement Plans

Does your retirement plan meet the needs of you or your employees? Changes in retirement plan laws have slashed the benefits provided by qualified plans. We can perform a detailed needs analysis to make sure those retirement and Social Security benefits continue to meet your needs. We’ll discuss the retirement income goals you’ve set and the best options for getting you there. Our experience covers the following retirement plans:

  • 401(k) Traditional, Safe Harbor, Profit Sharing, Roth
  • 457(b),
  • 401(a)
  • Simply K*
  • Cash Balance
  • Money Purchase
  • SEP Plans
  • IRAs

Our retirement plan services include reviewing contribution limits, rollovers, early withdrawal penalties and any other questions you might have – to help you select the best plan for your company’s needs.  Other services include:

  • Plan qualifications
  • Non-discrimination testing
  • Form filings and annual reporting
  • Prepare benefit statements
  • Plan terminations
  • And more

Other Retirement Planning Services

Our financial services go beyond the standard range of insurance products to help you with all aspects of your financial well being. Take advantage of our experience and expertise in these areas:.


Discover how these fixed or variable retirement vehicles can work with your life insurance provider to guarantee future income.

An annuity is an insurance product (investment contract with an insurer) designed to pay you an income over a period of time, of which payments can be deferred or immediate. They can help you grow your savings, inheritance, and retirement portfolio. In fact, they often provide you with retirement income that you cannot outlive.

Annuities are complex with an array of product choices, such as fixed, variable or indexed. We recommend you contact one of our experienced agents to discuss possible benefits, risks, and costs.

Note: Guarantees are backed by the claims-paying ability of the issuing company.

Insurance Solutions

We offer a variety of life and supplemental health insurance to help you build your savings, and/or prepare for life’s milestones, as well as the unexpected..

Permanent Life Insurance pays a death benefit and helps you build a cash value to save for the future. Term Life pays for your final expenses and protects your loved ones in the event of your passing. Click here for more on our Life Insurance solutions.

Supplemental Health Insurance, such as Long-Term Care, Disability Income Protection, Accident, and Critical Illness/Cancer cash policies pay benefits that go beyond traditional health insurance. Click here for more information on our Supplemental Health Insurance policies.

Key Person Benefits go beyond typical Group Life and Disability insurance offered to employees, which usually only cover a fraction of a key executive’s high income. For more on Key Person Benefits, click here.

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