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In today’s litigious business environment, you, your business, its employees and other assets are exposed to constant risk of a lawsuit. Even if the case settles in your favor or is unwarranted, the stress and cost of a legal defense can be high enough to wipe out your business.

Southerland & Associates provides expert and unbiased advice to assure you get the best commercial protection at the best rates.  From the small business owner, to the larger corporation, our experienced agents can quickly assess your risk and tailor coverage from our national carriers to fit your unique needs.

Business Owner Policy (BOP)

This is a commercial insurance policy designed for small to medium-sized business. The policy covers both property and general liability (see below for detailed description of coverage) and has coverage that has been bundled specifically for those types of businesses at a lower cost. Many consider these policies to be one of the most affordable, yet comprehensive coverages available for a small business owner.

General Liability

General Liability Insurance can cover claims such as trips and falls on your premises, or fire damage caused by you or an employee at your business location.  Claims can also include for medical costs, compensatory damages, attorney fees, judgments, court fees and more.

Professional Liability

No matter how skilled you and your team of professionals may be, errors or omissions open you up to risk. When a client sues for negligence, a Professional Liability policy will protect you from court and judgment costs, attorney fees and other defense expenses, as well as final settlements.

Directors & Officers

The directors and officers of your company’s can be sued for a wide range of employment-related issues, including sexual harassment and wrongful terminations.  Directors and Officers (D&O) insurance provides protection against suits brought against them for alleged wrongful acts in their capacity within the company, and covers attorney fees, settlements and judgments.

Worker’s Comp

Most states require Worker’s Compensation Insurance (Worker’s Comp), which protects both employees and the employer in the event of a workplace injury or death. Workers Comp provides replacement income and medical benefits to employees, and protects employers from lawsuits initiated by employees when they are injured at work.

Commercial Property

Commercial Property Insurance covers loss of the physical assets of your business from fire, storms, theft or other hazards that might render you unable to keep your doors open. The policy covers equipment and other contents of your building, and cost income and incurred expenses relating to business interruption. Even if you’re only a tenant in a corporate building, we can help you cover your business’s essential assets.

Business Auto

Don’t let an accident, theft or natural disaster leave you without a vital company vehicle or facing a lawsuit for injuries or damage. Cars, trucks, and other vehicles are usually excluded from commercial property coverage, because they must be covered under separate auto policies. We offer commercial auto coverage to help repair or replace that vehicle, pay for medical expenses or loss related to injuries, and keep your business rolling.

Farm & Ranch

We work with well known carriers who have a variety of coverage to meet the unique needs of farmers and ranchers. No matter the size, or nature (crops, livestock) of the business we are able to tailor property and liability coverage, including auto, equine, machinery, livestock and more to fit your needs.

Cyber Liability

A vast majority of businesses conduct their business online and could suffer a potentially large loss from a malicious software attack or some other type of cyber breach. And, the standard business owner policy does not consider electronic data to be tangible assets and therefore do not cover them.  We can help you secure Cyber Risk and Liability Insurance tailored around your company’s specific needs to cover loss caused by computer viruses, computer theft, extortion, errors and intentional cyber breach.


We offer Fidelity Bond & Surety Bonds that protects against malpractice and fraud committed by your employees, protecting you and your customers against employee theft, negligence, dishonesty or and fraud.  Additionally, we provide Notary Bonds, as required by state law to protect against notary misconduct and fraud.  And, we also provide Permit Bonds as required by public bodies to grant licenses for building, etc.

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